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About The Club

Mawson Lakes is located about 15 Kilometres North-West of the Adelaide, South Australia, central business district.

The lake is man made and either by design or by accident, it is one of the best lakes in the country for model yachting. Because of the design of the lake, club activities take the form of walk around match racing.

The Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club was formed in 2004 with the aim of providing an easy way for members to become involved in the hobby. We see ourselves as an entry level club that will teach you the principles of sailing and trimming model sailboats.

Since formation the club has attracted 80 new members, at this moment the club has 60 fully paid up members

Every assistance is given to newcomers to help them come to terms with the nuances of the hobby. We have positioned ourselves as a club that is ideal for the newcomer to the hobby that wants to learn the principles of sailing while at the same time having a ball.

We are not competitive but we all like to get to the top of the lake first.

We have recently completed a project to build a new class of yacht that is particularly suited to Mawson Lakes. The Mawson Lakes 45. All models were built in a group workshop environment where all members of the club participated and helped each other. Seven new boats were built, three by members who had never built before.

Follow the Club Gallery link to see images of the construction and finished product.

The club welcomes all members who are content with cruising the waters of the Sir Douglas Mawson Lake. We we have set bouys but also sail the perimeter of the main lake and the Promenade lake. It makes for a very good and sometimes, brisk, walk every Saturday afternoon.

So if you are interested in a great way to relax, join us at 1.00pm on any Saturday afternoon at The Boatshed on the lake. Access is via First Avenue off The Parkway, Technology Park at Mawson Lakes. Please introduce yourself.

The Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club is dedicated to the memory of Peter Lesty.