SUSPENDED Until planned resumption on 6 Feb 2021

Saturday the main focus is on competitive cruises with the standard ML45 club boat around a variety of set courses. The cruises are either mass starts or handicap events using the “Rygged Start” system of staggered group commencements at 30 second intervals. Other classes are sailed at the back of the fleet.

This is sailing intended to satisfy the more competitive sailor in a challenge against themselves, the course and the elements, as much as it is against other sailors. Its aim is to avoid overly competitive attitudes which can lead to disputes and protest that will not be entertained. A very simple and condensed set of sailing rules apply which are easily understood by the novice as their skills develop.

We can direct any person interested in a more competitive environment to affiliated clubs that sail under full international rules in preparation for Club, State and National events.

Some members not competitively cruising in structured events elect to sail short courses or free sail and stay nearer the boat shed. This particularly suits the less able.

Unsructured sailing and RC Laser Sailing starts 7:30 am, structured sailing at 1 pm and finishes at 4 pm when some thirsty members debrief at the Mawson Lakes Hotel.

Tea and coffee (and cakes) are always on the go. Birthday cakes are a welcome variation on any day.

On the first Saturday of the month, we vary it with a social barbecue beforehand at Noon and we sail mixed classes as an option or in addition to the ML45. Partners are most welcome to attend.

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