The club welcomes all members who are content with cruising the waters of the Sir Douglas Mawson Lake in a very friendly and helpful environment. We also sail the perimeter of the main lake and the Promenade lake. It makes for a very good and sometimes, brisk walk. Organised club sailing takes place all day Tuesday and every Saturday afternoon.  There are member organised groups sailing every Wednesday and Sunday mornings and the Laser class events on scheduled Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.

So if you are interested in a great way to relax, join us at at our main sessions at 1.00pm on any Saturday afternoon or 8:30 am on any Tuesday at The Boatshed on the lake. Access is via First Avenue off The Parkway, Technology Park at Mawson Lakes. Please introduce yourself, we don’t bite and really enjoy introducing newcomers or the just curious about sailing model yachts.