3 lasersThe Club has an enthusiastic group of members who sail RC Lasers, a quarter size model of the Olympic class Laser dinghy.  Like the dinghy it is a strictly controlled one-design class.

While the group sails to the ISAF racing rules of sailing, we do honour the club code of being friendly first and competitive second.

Each year an RC Laser Series of ten rounds is held at the club, usually from February to November. This series helps prepare sailors for State and National title events.

The RC Laser offers club members who usually sail ML45's or other classes, the opportunity to compete if they wish.

There is usually a group of 2-4 RC Lasers at the club each Tuesday, and the RC Laser Series is generally sailed one Sunday each month. RC Lasers also sail in the combined classes sailing days, which are held on the first Saturday of each month.

If you would like to find out more about RC Lasers please contact Adrian Heard on 0427 833 324 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RC Sailing Workshops

Handicap Racing 13 March 2018

2018 RCL Scores Round 1

2018 RCL Scores Round 2


RC LASER Sailing Program 2018

Please note that this program is subject to change without notice


Tuesday 15th May 3pm Mawson Lakes – Handicap Racing

Sunday 20th May 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 4


Saturday 2nd June 9.30am Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 5

12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 10th June 9am Mawson Lakes – SA RC Laser Titles

Tuesday 26th June 3pm Mawson Lakes – Handicap Racing


Saturday 7th July 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 22nd July 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 6


Saturday 4th August 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 12th August 2pm Mawson Lakes – Handicap Racing

Sunday 26th August 10am Patawalonga LakeRC Laser Series Round 7


Saturday 1st September 9.30am Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 8

   12pm Mawson Lakes - Club sailing

Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th September Patterson Lakes Victorian RC Laser Titles

Friday 28th September – Monday 1st October RC Laser Australian National Championships,

Mawson Lakes, South Australia


Saturday 6th October 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 21st October 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 9


Saturday 3rd November 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 11th November 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 10

Friday 16th November – MLMYC Presentation Night


MLMYC at the RC Laser Championship of Nations

In early November 2017, seven MLMYC RC Laser sailors together with Scott Mitchell from ARCYRC at Glenelg North ventured to Emerald Lakes, about 5km inland from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. This was the venue for the RC Laser Championship of Nations, the biggest event on the RC Laser global calendar.

The event was won by Scott Fleming from Patterson Lakes in Victoria, with Scott Mitchell from SA finishing second and Malcolm Kampe from Emerald Lakes third.

The 54 entrants raced in four divisional fleets (A, B, C and D) and all entrants sailed a minimum of 17 races over the four racing days of the event. With 10 international entrants and the high standard of the Australian fleet the level of competition was intense. The weather conditions were also extreme, particularly on the second day, where the wind ranged from 20-30 knots throughout the day.

The big news is that South Australia won the State Team trophy. We won it because we had eight entrants, a great feat, and because our team members placed well enough to win the trophy.

Our individual places were –

Scott Mitchell 2nd,

Jurgen Luther 13th,

Adrian Heard 27th,

Lindsay Sawyer 35th,

Mark Easton 39th,

Bob Whitehead 43rd,

John Berry 50th,

Don Turnbull 52nd.

Highlights for our sailors were Mark Easton having a couple of spells in B division, John Berry being promoted to C division for a race, and Bob Whitehead surviving the most protests of the series.

South Australia incredibly won three of the four A division races on the first day, with Scott Mitchell winning two races and Jurgen Luther one. South Australia also won two of the four seeding races on day one, Scott Mitchell winning group C and Adrian Heard winning group A.

As a group the MLMYC sailors struggled on the two very windy days of racing. At one stage on Day 2 all MLMYC sailors bar Jurgen Luther were sailing in D division. Regardless of our difficulties we worked together as a team, and we all really enjoyed participating in an international event. Congratulations go to Scott Mitchell and Jurgen Luther on their excellent individual results, and to the whole SA/MLMYC team on a fantastic combined result.

Photo – Don Turnbull (AUS 55) sailing in D division with Noel Christison (AUS 175, Qld) and Maureen Haymes (AUS 109, Vic)

Photo by Ian Lobbe

Laser Qld




Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club will host the 2018 National Titles from 28 September to 1 October 2018. Look out for more information as planning for the event progresses.