3 lasersThe Club has an enthusiastic group of members who sail RC Lasers, a quarter size model of the Olympic class Laser dinghy.  Like the dinghy it is a strictly controlled one-design class.

While the group sails to the ISAF racing rules of sailing, we do honour the club code of being friendly first and competitive second.

Each year an RC Laser Series of ten rounds is held at the club, usually from February to November. This series helps prepare sailors for State and National title events.

The RC Laser offers club members who usually sail ML45's or other classes, the opportunity to compete if they wish.

The Club has a fleet of 16 RC Lasers and there is usually a group of 6-10 sailors at the club each Tuesday Formal racing is generally held on one Sunday afternoon of each month as part of the RC Laser Series, and there is also a program of 4-5 handicap races held throughout the year. RC Lasers also sail on the combined classes sailing days, which are held on the first Saturday of each month.

If you would like to find out more about RC Lasers please contact Adrian Heard on 0427 833 324 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RC Laser Scores Round 6 2018

RC Laser Scores Round 8 2018


RC LASER Sailing Program 2018

Please note that this program is subject to change without notice


Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th September Patterson Lakes Victorian RC Laser Titles

Friday 28th September – Monday 1st October RC Laser Australian National Championships,

Mawson Lakes, South Australia


Saturday 6th October 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 21st October 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 9


Saturday 3rd November 12pm Mawson Lakes – Club sailing

Sunday 11th November 2pm Mawson Lakes – RC Laser Series Round 10

Friday 16th November – MLMYC Presentation Night


Scott Fleming wins South Australian RC Laser State Titles

Mawson Lakes, 10th June 2018

This year’s titles were our second ever titles and our first to be sailed at our home territory of Mawson Lakes. We again had a healthy clan of eight Victorian sailors, which when combined with some of our local fleet gave a total of eighteen boats.

The briefing was held in very calm conditions, the forecast was for a 10 knot northeaster and within half an hour of the briefing the wind arrived. Six races were sailed before lunch, all sailed with A rigs, although nose-diving became an increasing problem as the morning progressed.

It also quickly emerged that Scott Fleming was a clear leader this year, as with the exception of one brilliant race by Jurgen Luther, Scott won five of the other races. Scott’s boat speed and his ability to pick wind shifts in the fluky conditions separated him from Scott Mitchell and the rest of the fleet.

The wind steadily increased from the north east during the lunch break and the ten afternoon races were all sailed with B rigs. The starboard and inshore end of the start line tended to be favoured for most of the afternoon making traffic near the mark very heavy.

The two Scotts together with Brad Hein, Jurgen Luther, Terry Rowe, Luke Donovan and myself in tow were frequently seen tacking along the southern shore of the lake picking up neat wind shifts on their way to the windward mark. The racing in the afternoon was more even with Scott Mitchell and myself picking up a couple of wins.

The rounding of the windward mark became the most notorious part of the course, with big wind shifts making it hard to know how far to sail on port tack before attempting a starboard tack rounding. I recall Peter Yates and John Nieuwenhuizen amongst others stuck at the mark.

Overall, Scott Fleming emerged an easy winner, with Scott Mitchell second unfortunately not at his usual blistering pace and a pleasing third place to me.. The Portland delegation performed very well with Brad Hein claiming 4th place, Luke Donovan 7th , Mick Doherty 9th and Gary Hein 17th.

Thanks to Johno Johnson for a great job of officiating on the day. Mario Gulic did the scoring and was ably assisted by Lorraine Berry. Dean Bonnett and Peter Simmons ran the recovery boat and Barry Jones and Roger Wilkey were observers. Stewart Ross assisted Johno in setting courses, John Nieuwenhuizen was in charge of logistics, Meredith Reardon and Janet Luther covered catering and Gary Polomka organised drinks. Many thanks to all you wonderful volunteers – you helped make it a great day. The support of Salisbury Council and Renewal SA is acknowledged.

Adrian Heard

 RC Laser State Titles Results 

Final Results

 Group Photo Sat Small


Start Line pm Small4boats Small

   On the Start Line after Lunch                             Mike Doherty [444], John Berry [256], Bob Whitehead [259], 

John Nieuwenhuizen [148]